The Cristo Rey Network Logo

Logo designIt’s kind of fun to recall history! Part of our history is our logo, both the logo of the original school and the one that the Network uses today. Some 15 years ago when we were still organizing the first school, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Pilsen area, we knew we had to come up with some sort of symbol. None of us had ever done that before. One morning Preston Kendall came to school with a drawing, the one still used at the Pilsen school. It is a different type of crucifix, one where the arms of the corpus are really the cross bar of the cross, tilted at a curious angle. We loved it right off the bat. We asked Preston where he got it and he said that his ten-year-old daughter Maeve had come up with it the night before while they were watching television. That was the origin of the logo of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. It’s a great message to remind people that the King we follow is unique; He was overcome and the forces of evil did Him in. The mission of Cristo Rey is always counter-cultural.

The logo of the Network is simply a detail taken from the crown in the school’s logo. It’s the crown on the head of the King who was crucified. The hope is that the Cristo Rey Network may be worthy of reminding the world how much our King loves us, even to death.


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