How do You do?

Christ the King Jesuit Preparatory School, the Cristo Rey Network school on the west side of Chicago, had a fund-raiser a few days ago.  Someone wrote the President of the school the following commentary:  “I walked up to the student at our table, stuck out my hand and introduced myself.  I got a FIRM handshake.  ‘Outstanding!’ I said.  ‘Who taught you that, your father or the school?’  She said, ‘last year as a freshman they taught us to give a firm handshake and look the person in the eye.’  I told her that handshake and that advice were the first steps to success.”

That story was told about the west side of Chicago.  It is typical, though, of what happens at every one of the schools in the Network.  We help all these young people discover their own potential and who they really are.  From freshman year they realize that they are special, that God has made them for nothing small, and that they and their lives are filled with great possibilities.  That’s what they are showing with that firm handshake and that look in the eye.  Something as simple as that can change a young person’s whole perspective.  There is no limit to what can come from a new “How do you do?”


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