Luke 5:17-26: Signature Cristo Rey Gospel Passage

The Cristo Rey movement takes this passage as the one that most typifies what we do:  think out of the box and find new ways to address a problem.  If the men who brought the paralytic to Jesus were around today, we would want them on our team.  Imagine the effort involved in transporting this gentleman to the place where Jesus was teaching.  When they arrived there, they found a crowd and could not get access to Jesus.  Isn’t it true that the typical response is usually “Let’s come back tomorrow,” or simply that “The line was too long”? 

Not these people.  They had the spirit that made Cristo Rey a reality.  They climbed up on the roof, stretcher and all, and found a place to lower their friend to the floor where Jesus was standing.  They were not going to be put off.  I wonder who among them was the one to suggest they try a different way.  People always go in the front door, but not us.  We can’t get in the front door?  Then we try another way.  That is the same mentality Rick Murray had when we asked him to think of a way to finance a school when people don’t have the resources to do it on their own.  It’s the mentality that made him come back and say “What if every student had a job.”  That was like going up to the roof.  May it be our signature way of confronting every problem.  Let’s look for a better way.


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