How Embarrassing!

We should be embarrassed by our optimism.  We should be afraid that people would laugh if they knew what we hope for the world.  It is precisely our being convinced that things can change that will bring about that change.  “Let it be done to you according to your faith.”  There is nothing about the gospel that invites us to dream in miniature.  Unless we can dream and dream big, we cramp the Holy Spirit’s style.  The Holy Spirit cannot work his wonders among us if we are convinced that everything is going to be the same.  We are all called to establish the Kingdom, nothing less.  As someone said, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

The great dreamer Walt Disney is supposed to have said:  “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  His dream for Disney World was that it would never be finished.  What a lesson he left us.  Just a few days ago I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with Justice Clarence Thomas.  He said that

Fr. Foley, Justice Clarence Thomas, Rob Birdsell

L-R: Myself, Justice Clarence Thomas, and Rob Birdsell

the worst thing we have done to our center-city students is to take their dreams away.  We have convinced them that they really can’t do it and that they really do not have a future.  We have left them “dream-deprived.”   On the contrary, he attributes his success in life to the fact that he had teachers in his Catholic schools who always insisted that he could make it.  

Sr. Helen Prejean is the Sister of St. Joseph who works with prisoners on death row.  Listen to her message to anyone who proclaims to be a follower of Jesus Christ:  “Now set your sails and brace yourself for a riveting ride.  Who knows to what shore God will take you?  If it is not scary, and surprising, and an adventure all at the same time, it is not the call of the gospel of Jesus.  Enjoy the ride.” 

The Cristo Rey Network dreams every day that center-city young people really do have a future.  All they really need is a chance with someone who cares for them.  The world can be different, and it will be!  Let’s set sail on our Easter trip of hope.  May we never turn back.  May people see in us that Christ really did rise from the dead, that nothing can hold back His love.  May we be embarrassed to tell people what we hope for!


One thought on “How Embarrassing!

  1. Thank you for the inspiring message. Though this particular blog was passed along to me by my manager at work, it is applicable to my life both personally and professionally. Happy Easter!

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