Come and See

That’s the invitation Christ makes to us in John 1:35. John the Baptist is talking to a couple of his followers when Jesus walks by. He tells them in a low voice “That’s the Lamb of God.” The disciples immediately left John and started down the street after Jesus. In a little while Jesus realizes that he is being followed so he turns around and surprises them with the question, “What are you looking for?” It’s a question the disciples aren’t ready for because as a matter of fact they aren’t sure why they are following him. So to avoid embarrassment they say “Master, where do you live?” That’s when Jesus simply says “Come and see.” And I think we always have to see the gesture with his hand. “Come on, come closer, come and see where I live since you say that interests you. Come and get to know me better. Come on.”

That invitation never changes. Jesus is always inviting us to come closer, to follow him more intimately, to enter more deeply into his world. He can do that because we never, never fully know him. Jesus is always more. When we think we have him figured out, understand who he is and how he reacts, that’s when we are farthest off the mark.

The best test I ever heard of about whether our concept of Jesus is true or not is to ask ourselves the question: would I like to take a vacation with this person? Do you want to go away for a week with this person? Will you be comfortable? Will you be able to be yourself? Can you let down your defenses sufficiently to be able to relax in his constant presence? We will never know Jesus completely but if we can be at home with him, then we are on the right track.


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