A Good Year

Some of the statistics from this past school year are very encouraging. Right now there are 24 schools who are all members of the Cristo Rey Network. Those schools are up and running. This year they enrolled a total of 5,892 students. (When we began the first school 14 years ago, we had to continually postpone the first day of classes because we didn’t have enough students!) Literally half of the schools have yet to complete their twelfth grade. They are still working toward their first graduating class. 

Besides the 24 schools in operation, there are six more in some stage of development.  They probably will not all conclude in the opening of a school; that is precisely why we do a feasibility study.  Sometimes the school is simply not feasible.  It is interesting to note here that we have never taken the initiative in the opening of any of our schools.  They are all the result of a group interested in having a school getting in touch with the Network.  They call us, not vice versa. 

We have begun to track our graduates in college.  The National Student Clearinghouse tracks high school graduates, and, of the ten Cristo Rey Network schools who had graduates in 2008, 81% of the students are currently enrolled.  The national average is 61% and the average of students from the center city is 41%.  We are very happy with those first results.

I am saving the best stat until last:  this year in the whole Network the students have earned nearly 30 million dollars for their own education.  We may be on to something!


2 thoughts on “A Good Year

  1. Fr. Foley, I think it is wonderful that the CRN is now engaging the National Student Clearinghouse to help us track actual college participation. I also trust that we will broaden that data set to include how well our CRN students actually do in matriculating a college education?

    • We definitely plan to share not only our college enrollment figures, but also our college persistence and completion data. The first large wave of graduates we have been able to track came in 2008 so we expect to have the first batch of completion data for this group in 2012. I hope this clarifies what we are doing and we thank you for your interest.

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