The Power of the Media

In October, 2004, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School was featured on 60 Minutes. The producer and film crew travelled from New York to Chicago ten times to come up with all the footage they took. They reduced it to a twelve-minute presentation that until today is the clearest, most efficient method to explain what Cristo Rey is all about. Our presentation on that program was extremely helpful in giving us a certain legitimacy. People are always interested when we tell them we were profiled on 60 Minutes. Then for months afterward we received mail from people we knew and others we didn’t know telling us they had seen the segment on American Airlines (when they used to do that) while they were flying somewhere over Africa or the Near East. We got a lot of wonderful publicity from it, although not a penny in aid, as far as I recall.

Recently the Cristo Rey Network was the subject of an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Once again the article, with the title “How about a good Catholic Story,” told the readers who we are and what the Cristo Rey Network is doing. That same day our website received five times the number of hits it usually receives, three national companies called to inquire about how they could become corporate partners with our schools and we received a $500,000 pledge from a gentleman who had never heard of us before.

We are grateful for the media exposure that helps us spread the Cristo Rey movement to more friends and families.


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