Saint Toribio Romo

Recently Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Pilsen dedicated their new chapel.  They have some outstanding new stained-glass windows, each of which recalls some important figure in the faith lives of our students.  One of the windows depicts Saint Toribio Romo, someone I had never heard of before.  From Peru I am well acquainted with Saint Toribio Mogrovejo, but he is a Spaniard who worked in Lima.  They told me Saint Toribio at the Cristo Rey chapel was a Mexican who was only recently canonized and is the patron saint of those who cross the border without documents.  That knocked me over.  I had never heard about him.

Then I began to think:  does that mean God has chosen sides in this whole immigrant problem?  I wonder if the Border Patrol people also have their patron.  If anyone knows the answer, please let me know.  I think the answer is that God chose sides a long time ago; God chooses both sides, I suspect.  God is on the side of people, but especially those on the losing side. 

I gathered some information on Saint Toribio and offer it to you here.


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