Even When We Goof

I just read the parable of The Sower. I never realized how many seeds the sower actually threw out and it was only the few that landed on fertile ground that produced such a miraculous harvest, which is the whole point of the parable. I wanted to ask myself why he didn’t just concentrate on getting them all on the place where they were going to thrive. We would have saved a lot of seed, it seems to me.

We always say about the Cristo Rey model that it is God’s work. I am absolutely convinced that that is true. We say things like “just stay out of the way” and “let God work” so that we can continue to serve the young people entrusted to us. Our greatest proof that God is at work is that we repeatedly see the total is more than the sum of the parts. What we are doing (educating nearly 6000 young men and women) is so infinitely more than we ever bargained for! I keep repeating that when we began we weren’t even sure if the model was going to work. To our tremendous satisfaction and contentment, it did and it still does.

My point for today is that if it really is God’s work, it really doesn’t make that much difference if we goof it up or not. We might scatter seed all over the place before we hit the fertile soil. Of course, we try to do what is best. But if God is at work in this Network, then God can even take our mistakes, the times we get the seed in the wrong place, and make it give fruit, as much as God wants. God does not need us to make it successful. We forge ahead hoping to do it right, but when all is said and done it really doesn’t make that much difference. If it is God’s work, God will take care of the results. I find that consoling and comforting. I hope others in the Network do too. Ultimately, it simply does not depend on us. So let God work! Just stay out of the way. Our work will be what God intends it to be, even in spite of us!! Even when we scatter seed in the wrong places!


2 thoughts on “Even When We Goof

  1. Fr. Foley, Hi! Hope things are well with you.
    When I think of you, I “Hear” your joyful laughter.
    Not that you are not human, but that you let
    the joy of the Lord be your strength, and this
    twitter is proof of that. If it’s God’s work, basically nothing
    we do/don’t do will not get is His way!
    Thank you for your words of wisdom in reminding us of this.

    Muchas bendiciones para usted le deseo,

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