Cristo Rey International

On a few occasions people have inquired about the possibility of the Cristo Rey Network school model going international. Until now, none of the inquiries have led to any serious result. But a couple of weeks ago we had a visit from a group in Toronto who assured us that they are very serious about beginning a Cristo Rey Network school.

I have a reputation as being a dreamer, an idealist, someone who doesn’t even see the holes in the road. Part of that reputation is accurate, I think, and that’s why it surprised me even more that my first reaction to reaching out beyond our borders was one of holding back. A number of arguments occurred to me for not doing it: We are totally unfamiliar with labor laws in a different country; how would they look on children having a job? What would donors think? Would they be opposed to having their money go to help young people in a different country? It seemed that to go to another country just would not be that simple.

Then I heard about someone else who was confronted with the same situation. His reaction made me ashamed of mine. He said it is in our Christian DNA to go out. I remembered how I am always saying in my preaching that Christ was constantly on the go, always moving out to the next town to see what they needed there.

Needless to say, I no longer have a problem with the idea of going international. No doubt it will happen one of these days.


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