Jobs in Difficult Times

We had a meeting of the Cristo Rey Network Board and, as always, they asked about how much the present economic problems have affected the procurement of jobs for our students.  (If you are familiar with the Cristo Rey educational model you will know that jobs are essential to our success.)  The answer, by the way, was that although it has been more difficult, no one has found it impossible.  By and large, the schools are better off job-wise than they were a year ago, although it is still a serious problem for a couple of them.

But what struck me was how wonderful it was that this tableful of successful, powerful business men and women are all sitting on a Board of schools whose very existence depends on something as precarious as having the students fully employed.  I suspect that in their own lives, even more so in their own business, they would not allow themselves to be placed in such a difficult situation.  The schools all rise or fall depending on whether or not they can annually come up with sufficient placements so that everyone can be earning the greater part of the cost of their education.  This is all conjecture on my part but my conclusion is that for some reason they are all willing to accept greater risk in the schools than they would in their own private lives.  My own explanation is that as long as the Cristo Rey Network schools embody the work of the Holy Spirit, they will prosper, and this in spite of the economic situation.  As long as it’s the Spirit’s work, they will be successful.


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