Pomp and Circumstance

T’was the season of graduation ceremonies.  I am writing to give you fair warning: stay away!!  I went to a couple of our schools’ graduations and they simply did me in.  If I ever wondered, and if you ever wondered even for a moment along with me, whether what our schools are accomplishing is worth it or not, forget it.  It is definitely worth every ounce of effort we put in and seeing the young people graduate is the final proof!

To see all those kids walk down the aisle, heads held high, to the strains of P&C is lethal.  You will be committed for the long haul.  Each student is confident and excited to face the future.  The story of each one of them tends to repeat itself:  four years ago a neighbor or an aunt or a friend who works with their mother told them about the local Cristo Rey school.  They had no idea of the life they were signing up for.  One thing led to another; the young person was accepted, assigned a job, learned to study effectively, and here they are now, four years later, graduating from high school, very probably the first one in their family to do so.  Each one has a college acceptance in his pocket and can’t wait to get started.  It’s a future and a life they had no idea was awaiting them.

Go to a Cristo Rey graduation ceremony for the Class of 2012.  And don’t say I didn’t warn you.  You will be hooked and there will be no turning back.

Check out the recent graduation video profiling our Class of 2011.


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