Alumni Voices: Dom Jordan

dominique-jordanDominique Jordan graduated from Verbum Dei High School in 2009 and matriculated to Georgetown University where he earned a dual Bachelor of Science  degree in Finance and Management with a concentration on New & Small Business. After graduating from Georgetown University in 2013, Dominique began work at Morgan Stanley where he is currently a Wealth Advisor, Financial Planning Specialist. He has been with Morgan Stanley for five years, where he also serves on two Diversity & Inclusion Councils. Dominique is the Founder of The DJ|JD Foundation, a nonprofit focused on financial literacy in inner city communities, providing scholarships and teaching principles on financial independence.

How did you find and ultimately choose Verbum Dei?

“Someone from Verbum Dei made a presentation at my school and my 6th grade teacher, a positive male figure in my life sat me down, advising me to position myself for the future. I thought, Verbum Dei is the right place for me. Probably one of the best decisions that spearheaded where I am today. I didn’t recognize the opportunity I was given for the first two years I was there. But junior year, I was applying to internships and the position I had with CWSP bolstered my résumé. To have that experience, to have that opportunity to be at these places at these pivotal times. Especially for me in the market. I bring Verbum Dei with me wherever I go.”

“I still have relationships from CWSP that were responsible for where I am today. My former supervisor sent me the position application at Morgan Stanley. Those relationships at Merrill Lynch, where I worked in high school, are influential in where I am today at Morgan Stanley without question.”

How was your Cristo Rey high school experience?

“My Cristo Rey experience was life-changing. Overall I learned a lot about myself. That is the most important thing I could take away from the experience, besides a diploma. The school teaches you qualities and principles that are essential to bring with you into the real world. I developed my passion for finance at Verbum Dei.”

Were there any teachers or staff members that particularly influenced you?

“I was more of a reserved student. Put my head down. Did my work. My principal encouraged me to tell my story the way it should be as opposed to the way you think other people should hear it, as well as taking a leap of faith to go all the way across the country for college. I took advantage of the common application…40 schools and 50 scholarships. Every Friday for ten weeks. As a result, I was blessed with a full scholarship to attend a top institution.”

How did Verbum Dei prepare you for college and your career?

“For college, a lot of that discipline and focus, really learning who you are…The ability to step out of my comfort zone. The ability to tell my story and be okay with it.”

“In my career? They gave me the jumpstart for my career trajectory.”


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