Religious Sponsor Reflections: Sr. Maria Delaney, SNDdeN

snddenThe Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur exist to provide outreach to people who have limited resources. We are part of a legion of women and men religious who carry out Jesus’ ministry to those who are the most vulnerable, primarily through education. For 213 years, we have moved forward through challenges ranging from, but not limited to, the rejection of local clergy, world and civil wars, immigrant suppression and misogyny “to proclaim through our lives that God is indeed Good.” Our Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts rests on the foundation and continues the tradition of our high school that opened in 1859 for the daughters of immigrant families working in the local mills.

Now, amid a largely Hispanic population of students, we are optimistically focused knowing that we touch the lives of our Cristo Rey students in a manner that sparks their inner energy to propel them forward to become thoughtful adults, capable of making responsible choices in every avenue of their lives, (family, society, religious, civic) for the common good. We are grateful for the Cristo Rey Network that allows us to maximize our outreach and lift our students onto a larger national playing field.


Sr. Maria Delaney SNDdeN
Co-Director, US Office of Sponsored Ministries, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur


One thought on “Religious Sponsor Reflections: Sr. Maria Delaney, SNDdeN

  1. It is at once humbling and empowering to be part of the Mission at Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School. To be sure, the outreach to the economically and educationally challenged young people of Lawrence has truly been blessed. We see the hand of God at every turn of each day in our work. Every time a student enters our classroom and comes to shake our hand and greet us before taking their seat, or takes the time to share a smile and thoughtful exchange, we are gratified. We teachers, staff and administrators are blessed to work in the Tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur here in Lawrence with young people who truly make us proud to the core of our being. Thank you, Sr. Maria for your affirming and empowering words.
    Fr. Jim Morris

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