Alumni Voices: Rashad Mohammed

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetRashad Mohammed graduate from Cristo Rey New York High School in 2009. He then matriculated to College of the Holy Cross ’13, and is currently a member of Columbia Law School’s Class of 2019. He was featured in Cristo Rey New York’s 2016 Annual Report.

Describe your experience at Cristo Rey. My experience at Cristo Rey was completely eye-opening. Working in a corporate office helped me develop vital work experience and allowed me to learn how to interact in a professional environment. Academically, it helped me gain the skills I needed to enter and graduate from college. And on a personal level, it is where I formed lifelong friendships.

How have the skills you gained at Cristo Rey prepared you in your career? They gave me a strong sense of determination. It was at Cristo Rey that I was introduced to the idea of working and striving towards something better.

What do you value the most about Cristo Rey? I value the sense of pride the school has. Cristo Rey exposes its students to aspects of the world that students may not have any experience with. I really appreciate how the school works to instill a sense of pride in its students, regardless of the student’s background.

What made you interested in law? Law is in many ways the backbone of the world. Anything that you do is governed by laws and principles. As I got older and got to learn about landmark cases or massive business deals taking place, I really began to develop an interest in how the law governs our society. I also believe that with a law degree I’ll be able to make an impact in various societal sectors.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Ten years from now I hope to be doing work that truly motivates me and making substantial gains in my career. Cristo Rey will definitely be a part of my future. I really believe in the Cristo Rey model and hope to help advance it someday.


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