Student Voices: Twoneisha Burns

dpcr-women-in-medTwoneisha Burns is a freshman at DePaul Cristo Rey High School in Cincinnati. In late January she joined 31 other female students for a “Women in Medicine” program hosted by The Christ Hospital’s Women in Medicine group of female physicians. The hands-on field trip served to educate the students about the medical field and encourage them to consider health care careers.

The DePaul Cristo Rey students and staff went to The Christ Hospital to experience different jobs and techniques in the medical field. The first session was a family medicine session, the second was orthopedic surgery, the third was obstetrics and gynecology, the fourth was surgical oncology, the fifth and final one was anesthesiology. It was a special trip and was even more special because female doctors inspired us by telling their life stories and sharing the mistakes they have made. They told us how they have learned from their mistakes to get where they are right now in life, even though it was not easy. They all said to work really hard for what we want in life, never give up, learn from our mistakes, breathe, and don’t get too caught up in the future that we let the present pass us by because right now is an important part of our journey of growing up. They also said never let a man make you feel that you need him to make it, or you can’t do it since you’re a woman, because we women can do it all as well as men can. They said our secret weapon is that women have better communication skills than men.

On this field trip I met some of the amazing people God has created,dpcr-women-in-med-2 and I learned new things I didn’t know. The Christ Hospital program opened my eyes to see that I can no longer live in the past or future. I have to live in the present and move forward with positivity. Dr. Elizabeth Ruchhoft told us not to be afraid of going to college or of the amount of years we would have to be in college for the degrees we want in the medical field. I took that in because I have always wanted to be a prosecutor so I can help everyone.  I also want to help adults and children in another way so have considered becoming an obstetrician/gynecologist. I told myself years ago that I will get degrees in law and medicine, then I became scared that I’m not smart enough and that I would not be able to endure. Dr. Ruchhoft helped me realize that I have to pursue my dream to always help others. She said, “You can and will do it; don’t make the same mistakes we all did by not believing in yourself. Just say you can achieve and have a lot of faith!’’ That really touched my heart and I know we have to believe and we will achieve.


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