Alumni Voices: Karis Harris

karis-harris-with-diploma-1-copyKaris Harris graduated from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School – Baltimore ’11 and continued her education at Stevenson University ’15, having received a scholarship throughout her four years. She is about to embark on a career as a case manager at INNterim Housing Corporation, fulfilling her dream to help others. She will be working with homeless women and children, as they achieve their own education and career goals.

How did you find and ultimately choose Cristo Rey?

Cristo Rey was introduced to me in middle school during an 8th grade assembly. The school was in its beginning stages when the representatives came to present. My mother and I chose Cristo Rey because we believed it would provide me with the best foundation and also a one-of-a-kind education, unlike the one that most high school kids receive.

How was your Cristo Rey high school experience?

My Cristo Rey experience was great! I built lasting relationships with friends, teachers, and administrators. I was introduced to the corporate and professional world at a young age. I received a college ready education that helped me to excel and be as successful as I was at Stevenson. And I had fun in between. Cristo Rey helped me to realize who I was as a person and began the molding process for the woman I am becoming today.

What advice would you give to prospective Cristo Rey students?

The advice I would give would be: “Always go against the norm and fight for what you believe in!” There were times when I was teased about attending Cristo Rey: going to a private school when my other friends went to city schools, wearing a uniform when they got to wear what they wanted, or even staying in some weekends to finish a paper or double check homework while they were out having fun. Yeah sometimes it got to me, but when I look at where I am, I just smile and continue to be thankful. Cristo Rey helped to instill character which is something a lot of people don’t recognize and really makes a difference.

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